3 SEO Myths You Cannot Afford to Believe In

Because many people lack accurate information about how the search engines work, quite a few myths about SEO persist. It's easy for myths to get spread around the internet, as marketers pick up incorrect information and repeat this to others. Let us now expose a few of these myths so that you won't fall victim to them in the future.

You have to be sure to optimize your long tail keywords in order to rank well. Many articles, courses and forum posts have repeated this myth over the years. But no, you don't need to do any optimization work for the long tail keyword phrases, mainly because they are already uncompetitive and not many people are searching for these keywords in the search engines. This makes ranking for long tail keywords easy. All you have to do to rank for them is use them naturally somewhere in your content. It's as easy as that. Long tail keywords are worth targeting because you don't have to spend time on optimization for them. The need to have a Google Sitemap is another SEO myth that many people follow blindly. Google has an array of tools in its arsenal that you can use and the Sitemap is one of many. If your site has been constructed properly and is attractive to search engines then you will not require a Google Sitemap. Your site won't be harmed by having a Sitemap but it definitely won't do more than maybe getting your site indexed a little faster. Your rankings in the SERPs will not be affected nor will your SEO efforts be aided by having it.

The fact that your site will be banned if you buy links to your site from other relevant websites is another myth. Google doesn't want you buying links, to be honest, and if they knew you paid for the links they would not count because they don't want you trying to artificially influence the rank of your site, but they often aren't aware of the fact. And even if they somehow find out that you bought links, they would just discount them. It wouldn't make sense for them to completely ban a site for advertising a link on another site. Remember that the exact same regulations for building links are applicable, even when you are purchasing links. So, make sure that your links always come from relevant sites, whether you are more info buying them or building them organically.

Despite the fact that these myths are quite widespread, you shouldn't allow them to make your search engine optimization efforts even harder. It is vital that you are aware of the facts when you first begin marketing your sites with the search engines so that you don't find yourself wasting time by focusing your efforts in the wrong direction.

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